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Surgical Outcomes Center for Kids (SOCKs)

SOCKs was established as a two-pronged approach to clinical research. We believe that research should be incorporated in everyday clinical activities. This allows us to flesh out research hypotheses, define standardized protocols for care, and evaluate short and long-term outcomes in patients. This type of environment encourages residents and students to learn about research methodology while training in a clinical setting.

SOCKs partnered with CPF in 2015 to bring the pediatric community into the research world via a Community Advisory Board. In order to assist in their desire to educate the community, the SOCKs team has created many wonderful blogs to share with the community (below). Please enjoy!

-CPF Team

SOCKs Blogs
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Wrestling with Cauliflower Ear: Hematoma Auris and Sports Injuries

Something to Talk About: Effective Communication and Patient Care

Breaking Down Brachial Plexus Injuries

Parental Discrection Advised: A Parent’s Advice on Helping Your Child Navigate College Life with a Chronic Disease (Val Shirley Piece)

All Hands on Deck: Spina Bifida from a Multi-Disciplinary Perspective

Scoliosis and Self Esteem

Sledding and Traumatic Brain Injury

Personalized Medicine

2015 Research: Changing the game of concussion treatment

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